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Address: Donggang City Development Zone Sea Industrial Park friendly Street No. 10
Phone: 0086.415.7593877
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        Donggang Huiyuan Food Co., Ltd. is located in China's largest border city - Dandong City, the new Democratic People's Republic of North Korea just across the River City, the company main products are vacuum freeze cooked clams mottled, variegated Health to open clams,蛤肉Aoyagi, frozen conch meat cooked , frozen headless shrimp, crab and other seafood and a variety of fruit and vegetable products, and products are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, North Korea and other countries.
        In our "customer first, reputation first" purpose. High quality products and service users are welcome to come to the truth business. 

       Manager speech:

       Looking back on yesterday, we are full of hi read, filled with emotion!
       Because of you, with actions in the virtual world of the network interpretation of the truth!
       Throughout today, we feel an upsurge of emotion, happy pride!
       Because of you, bamboo homes are warm like spring all year round!

       A vision for the future, we are filled with endless pride, confidence!
       Because you will be more bamboo homes are brilliant! 
       Let us unite as one, raising days to build,
       Regardless of the road re-insurance, the wind again, and
       We will always be friends!
       My best wishes always with you around! 

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Corner of office

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